Pop 25 - Rancho Alegre navigating in February 2015

2015 is seeming to be the year of the Pop 25 class. The number of boats of the class under construction is quite impressive. We know that there are four Pop 25 already sailing. The first one was Horus, built in City Bell, Argentina, by Daniel D`Angelo, this being the boat that unveiled the characteristics of the design for the public in general. The boat that followed next was Solaris, built by Fernando Santos in Rio de Janeiro, which was launched in the second half of 2014. Thanks to Fernando`s kindness I had the opportunity to go sailing on that boat in various occasions. The third boat to sail was Hayal, in Turkey. Now it was launched Rancho Alegre, built in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, by Francisco Aydos. For a recent project this is quite reassuring! Since we already know that the Pop 25 is a good cruising sailboat, very stable and well balanced, we have plenty of reasons to count with a quick expansion of the class, especially in places where the boats will be sailing.

André, Francisco Aydos`s son, and André`s wife Maria Ana (Anita) were onboard during the first test of the engine. It rained cats and dogs soon after they left the jetty. Courtesy: Francisco Aydos

We have been publishing notes about Rancho Alegre construction regularly in our site, perhaps the climax being the videos about the turning over of the hull, ending up with a joyous barbecue in the lawn next to the swimming pool. But now the videos of the construction are just souvenirs. That Francisco`s family is happy with the new boat, about this there is no doubt. It is unforgetable to invite the family for the first test of a home-built boat, in which construction everybody in the house had been involved with.

The club`s sailor had to climb the mast to disentangle the crane`s hook from the rope loop lashed to the top spreaders. It is not that easy to climb the mast of another twenty-five foot sailboat without the boat swaying menacingly with the weight aloft. Courtesy: Francisco Aydos

From now on it will be pure fun! Good for him, he deserves it. We are profiting from the experience of each Pop 25 owner to learn each time more about the design. It was conceived to be a blue water sailing vessel, a contribution we would like to believe we are doing to the less well off cruising sailors. We informed in another article that we believe the natural limit for going offshore being eight metres hull length. However with a little imagination we think we managed to produce a slightly shorter boat still capable of sailing overseas at an affordable cost. We used a few tricks for that, as making an elevated companionway hatch, allowing standing headroom under the ceiling just in that very spot, besides installing a foredeck hatch exactly over the heads grating, so who needs to take a shower can have it under that hatch, only needing for that purpose hoisting a sun-shower in a halyard. And there are other less evident features, like 180 litres of fresh water tank capacity, for instance. Now it`s time to know what stories we will hear about the Pop 25 class. It is the turn of our clients to help us, informing if in practice our ideas are up to expectations. About the structural integrity of the design, this we have absolute confidence. What we still have to learn is if its accommodations will please the crews when on board for long stretches For mid-range sailing we are pretty sure she is "the boat".


Other news from the Pop 25 class

Another Pop 25 is very close to being launched. This boat is Konquest, being built in Santa Catarina State, Brazil. Her owner Marcel Schurhaus, just finished to apply the final couch of polyurethane paint internally, and now what is missing is to reinstall a few trims and rails. In a blink this boat will be sailing, and what a construction!

With the last couch of paint already applied internally, now what is missing is installing the finishing details. We bet this Pop 25 will be second to no other amateur construction in quality of finishing. Courtesy: Marcelo Schurhaus


Who is building his Pop 25 very quickly is our client from Palma de Mayorca, Spain, Xisco Gari. In spite of a few days ago having burned badly one of his hands trying to remove epoxy from a spatula with fire, the burnt is heeling rapidly and his hull is practically concluded, including the fibreglass sheathing, now missing sanding and painting before the hull can be turned over. This boat will do a roaring promotion for the class. Xisco intends to take her to the English Channel, where she will be moored in a haven in Belgium, and will be twice daily laid in dry, resting on the fin-keels` bulbs, a blessing for boat owners in that region.

Xisco Gari obtained a smooth finish when sheathing the hull with glass cloth. The boat will require a thin layer of plaster to become smooth as an egg skin. Courtesy: Xisco Gari

We are quite interested in following our clients` constructions, and more yet to learn about the first adventures accomplished by the owners who are already sailing. Those who edited blogs and informed us about, we linked from our site and follow their constructions with assiduity. On the other hand, the others who didn`t create blogs, only when the communicate with us, we are kept up to date with how their works are going on. The Pop 25 career is just essaying its first steps!

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