Pop 25 new boats to be launched in 2015

This will be a promising year for the Pop 25 class. At least two boats of this design are getting ready for being launched. One of them, Rancho Alegre, built in Viamão, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, by Francisco Aydos, had been already shifted from the shed where she was built to the Club Veleiros do Sul, where she will be stationed. The second one is Konquest, built by the brothers Marcelo and Vandeli Schurhaus, in Santa Catarina, Brazil. This boat is missing very little to be concluded.

It is probable that the next Pop 25 to be sailing will be Rancho Alegre, since what was missing before she was taken away from the shed where she was built is nothing compared to what was already accomplished. Francisco Aydos latest entry in his blog is reproduced below:

I had to remove the rudders and lower the cradle where she was restin, so to move Rancho Alegre from the condo where she was built to the Club Veleiros do Sul where she will be stationed, a small drawback that soon will be overcome. What is missing is finishing the plumbing and the electrical installation. Staying in the club is much easier to hire those specialized services.

Rancho Alegre receiving its first sunbath. The launching of home-built boats is a very interesting process. It is when the owner realizes the amount of work he had done since receiving the plans in digital format. Courtesy: Francisco Aydos.

Rancho Alegre being removed from the shed where she was built to be taken to the club by lorry. Courtesy: Francisco Aydos


The other Pop 25 in the final stretch of construction is Konquest. Our client Marcelo Schurhaus has his schedule already defined. He wrote in his blog last entry:

Well, let`s tell what we have done...
This weekend we left everything ready for completing the interior paint job. After the two mandatory couches of epoxy resin, we accomplished a thorough fairing job, sanding and applying putty as much as required. Now the interior is as smooth as an egg skin and it`s ready for the two couches of primer. Next the first couch of primer was applied practically in the whole interior. Now it will require more sanding, a bit more putty, and the interior will be ready to be coated with the last couch of primer. Our plan is to complete the work internally, to install the engine, painting the outside of the boat and install keels and rudders. Then we intend to install the mast just to take precise measurements of the fore sails` luffs, and then launching the boat.

Pop 25 Konquest ready for receiving the finishing paint couches. Courtesy: Marcelo Schurhaus

We are aware that there is still some work missing, but, as it is the case of Rancho Alegre, this is nothing compared to what the Schurhaus brothers have already done. And how skilled are those two brothers! What level of perfection!

This is an award for us from B & G Yacht Design. We believe they built the boat better than we were capable of doing. Typical German precision! For who would like to follow the whole construction, even though written in a foreign language, their blog is very well illustrated: http://pop25konquest.blogspot.com.au/. Rancho Alegre`s blog is also recommended for thos who are interested in building a Pop 25: http://veleiroranchoalegre.blogspot.com.br/.


The other links from our site refering to Pop 25, two of them belong to boats already sailing, about whose constructions we already reported in our news section. One of them is Horus, built by the geologist Daniel D`Angelo in City Bell, Argentina. Horus was the first boat of the class to sail, and for that matter had a special coverage in our news. The other one is Hayal, built in Turkey by Selim Karahan, a very successful construction also covered in articles published in our news.

This Pop 25 is being constructed in Palma de Mayorca, Spain, by Xisco Gari Marques. It is reassuring the fact that our clients find no difficulty in building their boats.


The latest Pop 25 hull to be turned upside took place in Itajái, State of Santa Catarina, Brazil. His builder, the engineer João Marcos Pereira made an excellent work. His boat is promising to be another top level member of the class, and for the pace he is imprinting in the construction we can count on the boat being concluded in the next few months.

João Marcos wrote us:

Hi friends.
Finally we turned the hull over.
Now I must face building the interior and installing the systems.
As soon as the inclement heat of this summer gives a pause we will resume the work. It is impossible to work with all this heat.
At forty degrees Celcius epoxy resin pot-life is too short!

Another Pop 25 to be sailing soon. This boat is being built in Santa Catarina, Southern Brazil, by the engineer Joao Marcos Pereira. The hull was turned over this January and, taking into account the speed she is being built, we can guess she will be launched early this year.


A Pop 25 called Splash

The Australian nautical magazine "Cruising Helmsman" has a collaborator who is our friend and client. His name is James Gyore. He is building the Pop 25 "Splash" in Autona, Victoria, Australia. As we reported above, this design is doing a roaring trade among amateur boat builders, and James was our first client in this country.

Besides being a talented chef de cuisine, James is also a sailing enthusiast. In the article he wrote in the latest number of the magazine he tells:

James Gyore is specialized in yachting culinary.

"I grew up with an affinity with water and water related recreational sports. I`m currently building a B & G Yacht Design, Pop 25, in the front garden when time permits. I plan to produce a video and printed media serial about the construction of this 7.5m metres yacht. I recently became an apprentice chef and I also plan to produce a regular video and print media cooking series at sea from the yacht, as well as a video and print media serial of a circumnavigation of Australia following in the wake of Mathew Flinders in his 7.5m yacht. I have a passion for fine dining at sea".

Pop 25, an easy to be built sailboat that is enchanting the amateur builder. Render: Murilo Almeida

Fantastic, James! When you call at Fremantle, you are invited for supper. Since you are who calls the shots, if you prefer, you cook the meal and we bring the wine.

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