Season's Greetings 2015

It is already a B & G Yacht Design tradition to promote twelve boats from our designs which accomplished some sort of outstanding achievement, or were recently launched along this year. It is not easy for us having to choose twelve stories only, so we apologize if we omitted boats that deserved to be in this list. When we receive good photos and if there is a story to be told, we can compensate our omission publishing an article in our news later on.

January: Green Nomad is the first Kiribati 36 to sail. She belongs to our partner Luis Pinho and his wife Marli Werner. Being a member of B & G Yacht Design staff, he was the Kiribati 36 project manager. Since this is his dream boat, he put his heart on the work as nobody else would do with more commitment. Following suit the couple built Green Nomad in a small town in the south of Brazil and now they are sailing bound for Australia, the boat`s home country. Since B & G Yacht Design is established in Perth, W.A,, it is encouraging to have the calling card of the class registered in Fremantle.

February: Hayal is the third Pop 25 to be finished and the first to be launched in Turkey. The boat was built by the amateur Selim Karahan with the assistance of his father Muntaz. The boat was just launched and her port of register is L-Tuzla. Since there are several other Pop 25 being built in Turkey, we can expect that soon there will be an active local Pop 25 class sailing in the Black, Sea of Marmar and the Mediterranean. Hayal was built with high proficiency. Hayal`s good looks is no doubt a precious help for the class to become a popular one in that country.

March: Bagual is one of the several MC28 launched in 2014. She was constructed by the amateur boat builder Fabio Fabris Fabris, in Ubatuba, Brazil. This photo was taken in the very day the boat was launched. The engine was being used by the first time. We can guess how Fabio was touched at that moment. Now he is one of the most vehement supporters of the class and it is in his dreams to break away with conventions and sail bound for distant paradises with his beloved Bagual.

April: Bepaluhê is a MC 41Sk, swing keel yacht built in aluminium by "Ilha Sul Boat Yard", from Porto Alegre, Southern Brazil. The boat was custom built for Paulo Ribeiro, a sailor who wished to own the ultimate cruising sailboat, capable of accomplishing any nautical expedition in comfort and safety. Bepaluhê is up to Paulo`s expectations. In 2014 she participated in the Recife to Fernando de Noronha race, a popular nautical reggata in the South Atlantic. Paulo is so pleased with his boat that he sent us an e-mail congratulating us for the project and telling that the experience in participating in the event was one of the most pleasants of his life.

May: Bella is a MC28 built in Tacoma, State of Washington, USA, by the amateur builder Dave Cross. He has little interest in offshore passages, but enjoys competing in local races. Even though the MC28 is a good performer, especially in hard conditions, it lacks a bit of competitiveness in light air conditions. Having his wishes in mind he asked us a hand to draw a more competitive sail plan for the boat, as well as a more performance oriented fin-keel, with more draught and lower centre of gravity. The boat he built is a success and he is very pleased with the resulting speed and stability of the new version. He sent us an e-mail with these words: "What a great sailing boat you designed. She does everything I asked and more".

June: Evrensel (means universe in Turkish) is a MC26C built in Turkey by Ömer Kirkal in his home garden , with the assistance of his wife Firuzan. This boat was so strikingly well built that it was theme of a local TV report about sailing boats built by amateurs. The Kirkals are taking advantage of their hard work. It is difficult to find anyone enjoying more the cruising life than this charming couple is doing.

July: Furabolo is another MC26C, equally built by an Amateur, Our client, Hilton Monteiro, really enjoyed building his boat. Even though it had been launched in 2013 and being used intensively, Hilton ordered another project from our line of stock plans, the Samoa 28, a few months ago, and now the new boat has already the hull planked.

August: Solaris was the second Pop 25 to be launched. Her builder, Fernando Santos, learned about the project when the plans were introduced in the market during a boat show in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He liked the concept: a sailboat with two keels, two rudders, shallow draught, unsinkable, specified for electric auxiliary propulsion and easy to build, as it was demonstrated in the lecture the local branch of B & G Yacht Design team gave at the occasion. Since there was great curiosity about how this new poject would perform, a local yachting magazine made a ten pages article about Solaris, covering every single detail of the plan. The favourable opinion of the reporters about the boat`s performance was a good promotion for the plans, and now there are dozens of Pop 25 being built in different countries.

September: This is the MC31 cruising sailboat Vento Real (true wind in Portugues) constructedt by the amateur builder Almerindo Sergio de Souza, from Santos, Brazil. The MC31 s one of our most succesful stock plans. Doesn`t matter where one of these boats had been built, that yacht will be praised for its sweet lines, its huge interior space and its amazing performance. We feel honoured for the outstanding job Almerindo Sérgio had accomplished. A high quality construction like that of Vento Real is reason for pride from any boat builder, amateur or professional.

October: This is the MC36SK Cota. This metallic boat was built in Rio Grande do Sul, Southern Brazil, by Jorge Leal. Jorge is a skilled amateur who built his yacht from the metal work to the last finishing with the utmost competence. The boat is already sailing and no matter where she goes, she is reason for compliments. Let`s face it, an offshore sailboat capable of entering in shallow waters seventy centimetres deep and of crossing oceans in safety and comfort is hard to be found anywhere.

November: Rainha Janota (Queen Janota) is a Curruira 42 motor yacht which was enlarged to forty-six feet by spacing the design stations a little farther appart from each other. The owner, Fernando Rodrigues, is a Portuguese engineer specialized in the oil industry. Since he is routinely changing address, it brought him a sense of independence in owning a motor yacht in which he could dwell with the same comfort as if he was living ashore. Rainha Janota is already proportioning exactly that, a luxurious floating home capable of taking him to wherever his professional appointments oblige him to go. Since nobody is born just to work, when going offshore he can catch one or two marlins, or any other blue water fish for preparing a sushi onboard.

December: This photo has a touch of sentimentalism. The boat is Ipezin, a very well built MC28 constructed with lots of loving care by the couple of civil architects Vitor Moura and Luciana Alt. The construction took place up in the hills of the State of Minas Gerais, Brazil, at 800m of altitude, five hundred kilometres away from the sea. This oil lamp was a present from Eileen Barros, one of the founders of B & G Yacht Design, to the young couple. Now, during the season`s festivities, as a retribution, they sent us this beautiful photo of Luciana appreciating Ipezin`s snug cabin solely illuminated by the oil lamp.