Multichine 41 SK: Performance exceeds expectations

We received the email message below from our friend and client Paulo Ayrosa, owner of the Multichine 41 SK Bepaluhê.

Paulo and his Multichine 41 SK, a well planned success story

We are very happy to know that Paulo’s reward was so fulfilling. He opted by a more indirect way to have a boat, but usually well succeeded, which is to select a design that meets exactly his needs and then become involved in the building process, following every detail, taking part in every decision concerning finishing and equipment selection and installation, culminating with a boat that represents as close as possible his ideas.

The building was accomplished superbly by Ilha Sul Construções Náuticas Boatyard, from Porto Alegre, Brazil. Having seen similar boats in many parts of the world we have no doubts to say that the quality achieved is comparable to leading boatyards in the world with decades of experience.

The Multichine 41 SK design has low draft and an extremely robust construction in aluminum, making it a very safe boat for cruising in family or for the more adventurous a perfectly capable expedition boat, with its possibilities ranging from tropical shallow lagoons to Antarctic and Arctic cruises.

Bepaluhê sharing an anchorage with Green Nomad in SE Brazil

Bellow his message, translated from the Portuguese original:

“Hi Friends,
I received Luis Gouveia´s email and will study it before commenting, but today I am writing to you to share my happiness.
I have been posting on my blog some experiences, passages and adventures, but avoid writing too much about the design in order not to sound commercial, which is not my aim.
I want to share with you how good Bepaluhê has become now: with the new Kiwiprop propeller and the new slightly bigger genoa we gained a better performance and in winds up to 10 knots the speeds are fantastic, going from 4.5 to 5.5 knots depending on the wind angle.
Go over 10 knots of wind and the Multichine 41 SK enters its natural habitat, with speeds always over 5 to 6 knots with lots of stability and a sense of safety, even with the keel in the lifted position.
To play with the keel position is another fun game: with the keel up we gain between 0.3 and 0.4 knots of speed, and the boat tends a bit to windward, requiring just a little more rudder input.
We sailed with the keel up in wind speeds up to 18 knots, when we reached 7 knots of boat speed in apparent wind angles of 60 to 80 degrees. Then, instead of reefing the sails, we just lowered the keel and the boat came more upright, the speed dropping a little and of course the windward tendency decreasing.
In the range of 8-18 Knots of wind playing with the keel helps to improve the performance, From 15 knots and up the keel down helps the stability and seakindliness.
Summing up, I wanted to share with you these impressions and most of all to share the pleasure it has been to sail Bepaluhê these last months, specially after changing the propeller and the genoa, which I strongly recommend.
Now I am ready to sail North up the Brazilian coast and take part in the REFENO ( Recife Fernando de Noronha) race, and this will be a year of great realizations for me and for Bepaluhê as well.
Best Regards,

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