Pop 25 Solaris - Final touches before launching

Solaris, the Pop 25 being built in Rio de Janeiro, is almost concluded. Her owner, Fernando Santos, is building the sailboat of his dreams, a true offshore sailing machine capable of performing the cruising trips he had been longing for. He fell in love with the concept of the unsinkable sailboat that can navigate indefinitely in any direction using solely sunlight and winds to move around.

Solaris is almost concluded and soon will be sailing. Her owner, Fernado Santos, intends to sail the South American shores, being well prepared for that. Photo: Murilo Campos de Almeida.

The Pop 25 class with more than fifty boats being built in twelve different countries, that happening in a little more than two years, is one of our most well succeeded projects. With boats being built in so many different places, it’s natural that a keen curiosity develops among builders willing to know how the other mates are progressing. For the class good luck there are at least five blogs, these ones with links from our site, relating the constructions of Pop 25 boats (Hayal, Horus, Rancho Alegre, Konquest and Splash), this being bliss for those wanting to learn how the other builders are doing.

We reported a short time ago the launching of Horus in City Bell, Province of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Horus was the first Pop 25 to be concluded, and since then is sailing in the River Plate. Now it seems to be an easy bet that the second Pop 25 to be sailing will be Solaris. We will publish an article in our news about this launching, since we had been invited for the sea trial.

Fernando followed our suggestions regarding the plan’s specifications, accepting integrally the bid for the construction of a true offshore cruising sailboat. At any rate, a twenty-five foot sailboat with three double berths, 260 litres of fresh water tank capacity, and being able to afford bottom maintenance without the need of hauling out, just requiring being in a beach where the tidal range surpasses 1,10m, a boat like this is not easily found anywhere.

Two curtains provide privacy to the heads when in use. Fernando accepted our suggestion of installing an one burner alcohol stove, which, together with the electric auxiliary motor, makes the Pop 25 an ecologically correct sailing craft. Photo: Murilo Almeida

The Pop 25 was conceived having in mind heaps of sailors who wish to own a blue water sailboat and have to face the taboo that twenty-five foot offshore cruising sailboats do not exist. Since the market doesn’t really offer this option, the solution was to design a boat for this purpose within the reach of the amateur to build it.
This was the secret for so many cruising sailors from different places deciding for the construction of a Pop 25. Now that the project is no more a black-box, and that we know the Pop 25 to be the boat up to the expectations, we are pretty confident that we will have many other launchings to report.

Fernando Santos is already dreaming with the day when he can stand on the cockpit under the solar panels gantry with the boat being propelled by the electric motor. Photo: Murilo Almeida

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