Multichine 34/36 Smoko

Howard Bennett, who is building a plywood/epoxy MC34/36 in Dunedin, South Island, New Zealand, upgraded his logbook (Multichine 34/36 Cabin Boy in our list of links, or reporting how his construction is at the present stage. We liked very much what he has done and we believe his boat will be flawless. We are glad for that, since we learned to like him and his wife Noelle, since we have lots to share with them about life style. Our family also loves boat building, living aboard and owning a yacht capable of performing long distance cruising. So we are having great time following Smoko’s progresses.

Next we reproduce the content of the latest entry in Smoko’s blog:

The layout of the interior has been altered from the plans to suit us, as a crew of two, with only occasional visitors. With this in mind, I decided to eliminate the fore-cabin and go for a more open plan type arrangement. The forward berth is higher than the settee berths to enable a more sedate method of entry into and exit from the bed. This also provides a considerable amount of storage.

Final touches in the plywood panels finishing before sheathing the hull with fibreglass.

As there was also no need for a gang-way forward, I decided to place the fore water tank athwart-ships under the foot of the bed. This will be covered with a seat cushion so that when the bed is partly raised, there will be seating all around the mast support post and its (removable) table.

During the initial work inside the boat, I came and went over the sugar-scoop and through the aft cabin, not the easiest method. So after a number of bangs on the head I decided to concentrate on the cockpit floor and the companion-way with its steps which allowed for a much more dignified way of travel.

The above photo shows where I've made provision for a couple of non-opening port-lights. This should provide useful extra light in the aft cabin as well as in the engine room.

Above is the aft cabin showing the removable mattress base, the forward half of this is where the aft water tank will go. The right hand side shows where cupboards are to be fitted along-side the berth.

Another milestone. The start of the deck laying. Here again a small alteration to the plans. Instead of using the 12mm ply specified I am laying a nine mm first layer and a further layer of four mm with the joints well staggered. 

As I finish this post (Jan 2014), the next major task is to finish the decking, cabin and cockpit in the hope that I can complete the glassing before winter.

Hoard and Noelle Bennet are building a fantastic MC 34.

Smoko must be sailing this year, we reckon. They already have the engine installed and the superstructure will be completed before June. Very little will be missing, so. They will join the club of MC 34 builders who made a collection of boats worth being in a gallery of expedition yachts.


Every so often we are surprised by learning about the existence of a boat built from one of our stock plans. This MC34/36 is being built in Turkey by Fevzi Tezcan. He received the plans in July, 2012. The hull is already concluded, missing to be sheathed with fibreglass. The boat must be shifting building places to be concluded in another location. Courtesy: Fevzy Tezcan.

A MC34 sailing in the Atlantic Ocean. All owners of MC34 praise their boats as the perfect rovers of the seas.

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