Second Kiribati 36 to sail soon

We are happy to report that very soon the Kiribati 36 class will have one more representative sailing the blue ocean.

Kiribati 36 J-One.

The new boat is called J-One, and she is receiving the final touches in a very precise and perfectionist construction in the city of Porto Alegre, Southern Brazil, the same one where Green Nomad's interior was built.

Jone and Vera follow the hull's assembly.

J-One was finished by our client Jone Martins (no coincidence, it you are thinking about the name of the boat) from a hull built at Ilha Sul Construçoes Nauticas. The strong aluminum hull, with 10mm in the bottom and 8mm sides, makes a perfect base upon which to build a great cruising boat.

Aft Cabin.

The quality of workmanship and materials of the metal work produced by Ilha Sul is matched by the superb finishing and installations made by Jone.

J-One is not yet the second version of the design, the Kiribati 36 MK2, but some of the features of the new version are incorporated there, such as the nice toe rail incorporated into the top edge of the upper topside plate.

On deck Jone choose a different rig option, more similar to the Multichine 36 SK, and inside he also made some changes to the layout.

J-One is then a unique boat, incorporating many features that Jone thought necessary for his dream boat.

This is the beauty of amateur boat building: the possibility to adapt a boat to your ideas and wishes almost to the last detail.

Jone opted for a different head setup, eliminating the access to the internal technical area and in doing so making it possible to fit a completely separated shower stall. The quality of execution in this area is superb, as can be seen below.

Jone also decided to close one of the side passages to the saloon, creating a U shaped galley, similar to the Multichine 36 SK, but with the galley sinks in the same position as the Kiribati 36 design.

Closed shower stall an added comfort.

On deck the use of glued non-skid EVA mats made a very beautiful finish.

As this boat will be used mostly in cold areas, Jone did not install all the opening hatches specified around the pilot house area, but the panoramic view is still there, making for a very agreeable working area around the galley and navigation table, which is made according to the original Kiribati 36 design, facing forward and elevated, and not like the current design, which is the one found on Green Nomad, with a starboard side facing table and seat.

All in all the installations are very thoroughly done, and this boat will be a real voyaging asset, safe, efficient and a joy to live in.

And of course an easy to maintain boat, with the capability to dry out for cleaning and emergency repairs.

Kiribati 36 Green Nomad dries out for cleaning in Bahia, Brazil.

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