Pop Alu 32: A safe cruising boat with the room of a 36 footer

We have great news for the Pop Alu 32 design. The first hull fabricated has just been sold to a customer in the southern Brazilian State of Santa Catarina by Ilha Sul Construções Náuticas boatyard. The owner is having the engine and a few other items installed at the boatyard and then will take the boat under her on power to a place close to home for fitting her out.

This hull will soon be in Santa Catarina State, Brazil

The unit to be built in Córdoba, Argentina, by our good client Walter Baitella, should soon be started, as Walter is testing his building apparatus by doing nothing less than to build two units of our other design Pop Star 21. When these two smaller boats are ready the Pop Alu 32 must enter this veritable serial assembly line of aluminum sailboats.

Little brother, a Pop Star 21 almost ready in Córdoba, Argentina

Being the Pop Alu 32 a new concept boat, following its smaller brother, the Pop 25, we like to constantly run performance checks on the design, and recently we run a simulation on a new naval architecture software to see the behavior under heel, what had of course been done before for the stability calculations, but this time we took snapshots of the screen, providing us with some very interesting images.

The results you can see below.

Note: The hull model is a simplification for hydrostatics modeling. The actual hull side panels extend all the way to the stern platform´s end

These images say it all. The boat does not modify its trim considerably, and the rudders maintain efficiency in the most extreme navigation conditions.

As can be seen in the last image, for a heeling angle of 50 degrees, the hull does not bury the bow and the leeward side rudder is fully immersed.

Another aspect we like very much in this design is the good stability, with an area under the positive side of the static stability curve nearly 14 times bigger than under the negative part. For a comparison point, for example, the IMOCA 60 racing rule requires this ratio to be higher or equal to 5.

The angle of vanishing stability is also higher than the average value of the fleet of production cruising sailboats being marketed today.

The initial stability is also quite high, meaning that the Pop Alu 32 will sail with a small angle of heel in most situations.

The internal accommodation space is also a remarkable feature of the design, being comparable to the room found in yachts in the 36 feet size range.

Large water tanks and a main accommodation area with lots of free space.

Bright and cosy interior

On top of these features that make the Pop Alu 32 a comfortable cruising home, another one that is an added bonus to her owners is the possibility to dry the boat on a tide for hull cleaning and even more serious maintenance jobs, as the twin keels will act as a cradle supporting the boat upright.

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