Multichine 26C Evrensel

Now it is the turn of the MC26C class to show its face. Every so often we receive e-mails from our builders praising the characteristics of the project. This time it came from our client Ömer Kircall, from Istanbul, Turkey, who built Evrensel (means universe in Turkish, even though she would more appropriately be called Miss Universe). We followed the construction of the boat in his home yard with the assistance of his wife, thanks to a gallery of photos he sent us. We even reproduced a series of three videos produced by the local TV network in a popular nautical program called Nereide, a sight for sore eyes, even without understanding what have been said.

Evrensel sailing in the Marmara Sea. Ömer is very pleased with the behaviour of his boat when sailing in heavy winds. Courtesy: Ömer Kirkall.

The e-mail Ömer sent us is very nice. He highlighted the strong points of the project comparing to other designs for amateur construction of other boats of about the same size:

Hi Luis,

First of all I would like to thank you very much for bringing this project into existence.
I had the opportunity to examine many plans from many designers by this time. Comparing to others, I think that MC26C's plan is quite important for us amateurs, through the building process, since it is a more detailed plan.
Again having a very strong body structure, among the plans at this length, was one of the important aspects for me to prefer this project.

I would like to point out that I have made two changes, building MC26C. One, I enlarged the entrance to cabin 5-6 cm in bow direction (however I still bump my head). The other, I moved the fuel tank to stern locker (I have used a polyethylene tank), added its place in project to head, gained a bigger and more comfortable area.
One more adding, my engine is 27Hp Daihatsu.

When it comes to sailing comfort, I use the boat mainly for daily trips. During my annual leave I was able to sail 200-300 NM in ten days period on the Sea of Marmara (4 adults).

I keep my boat on Marmara Sea and it is an internal sea. One side touches to Black Sea, the other to Aegean with narrow passages (Bosphorus and Canakkale, respectively). Depending on weather and sea conditions you can expect currents up to 4 knots. When the weather is hard, maybe not very high, but very steep waves might occur. While it's blowing 30-35 knots, I could sail safely with closed jib and mainsail in second reef. In these conditions MC26C performs quite good, and makes you feel safe, considering its length.

In regular sea and weather conditions, under engine power I can reach 5,5-6,2 Nm sail speed, rev. 2000-2200. Under sail, with 10-15 knots wind I have app. 5-5,7 Nm sail speed. The boat very rarely broaches in gusts. This happens mainly when I insist on not reefing and keep sailing in harsh conditions that require reefing actually. 

In rough seas, even though I move bow into waves with engine drive, very little spray reaches into the cockpit and the boat keeps me dry. Under sail she accommodates into the waves beautifully and obeys the rudder movement very well.
The position and size of the cuisine is marvellous, and enormous. She is a few times bigger and with more lockers than other boats in her size.

I have 80 metres long, 6 mm sized chain. While topping up the anchor sometimes the chain pulls. Chain compartment is a little small for 80 metres of chain. 

These are all I can think of...
Thanks to you I have owned a very enjoyable boat while building and sailing.
Best regards.

Selam, Sevgi, Saygı... :) (hi, love, respect – “Google translator”)

Ömer Kirkall

His words massaged our ego. Telling that he found the plans super-detailed and clear to be understood by inexperienced amateurs is what pleased us most to hear. And thanking us for having an enjoyable boat to build and to sail justifies our effort to do the best we can. The world is becoming more crowded every day, while the sea and the secluded places you can reach by boat are where there still is a feeling of freedom aboard this crazy planet. Our builders trusting the boat they make with their own hands is our aim. So, it’s our turn to thank Ömer for recognizing this.

The MC26C interior is amazingly spacious for its size. Its 1.85m headroom, two double berths, one of them in a private cabin, a huge galley and a heads with shower facility is all one may wish for living aboard, or travelling offshore.

Meanwhile, other MC 26C are in their late stages of construction, or beginning their sailing careers. We will keep reporting the progresses of the class regularly in our news section.

Evrensel is a boat built with the utmost competence, and is fit to sail bound for anywhere. Courtesy: Ömer Kirkall

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