Kiribati 36 Green Nomad is in its way to the Caribbean

It’s being clear sailing. Green Nomad, the Kiribati 36 built by our partner Luis Manuel Pinho and his wife Marli Werner in Porto Alegre, South Brazil is already in the northeast of the country, sailing far from shore, bound for Camamu, a popular tropical paradise among the international cruising community. The couple left Porto Alegre a couple of years ago, and after expending two seasons in the region of Ilha Grande, the South American equivalent to the South Seas Islands for its lush and green scenery, now are leaving behind the calm life they spent there for more exciting new times in the Caribbean and beyond...

The swing keel Kiribati 36 is the sailboat designed for being an easy rider, come hell or high water.

The September, 25 we received an e-mail sent by means of the HF SSB modem informing Green Nomad’s position:

“At 15:45 local time we are sailing at 35NM southeast of the Abrolhos Archipelago. We spent a good time of the afternoon watching whales playing around the boat. Next call will be Camamu”

Our mates took full advantage of a cold front which helped them to reach the NE of Brazil, departing from Buzios, the last port of call.

The September 27 the news was better yet:

Hello there...

Now, the September, 7 at 15:00 we are 70 miles offshore Porto Seguro, sailing in a dead run in 12 knots ESE winds, keeping 4.5/5.5 knots speed, since not having a whisker pole yet, we can’t balance the boat more adequately obliging to reduce the mainsail more than the necessary. It’s missing 190 miles to reach Camamu. Everything is ok on board. Easy sailing this night, since we are sufficiently offshore to avoid fishing trawlers.
A big hug for you all.

Luis and Marli

The Kiribati 36 is a boat for any kind of weather, besides having variable draught. Luis and Marli, after spending ten years sailing in the Pacific aboard their former fixed keel cruising sailboat, they opted for a swing keel yacht which would allow them reaching the best havens when threatened by a hurricane during the cyclone season. Luis became partner of our yacht design office and he was the Kiribati 36 project manager, perhaps one of his greatest contributions in our partnership up to now, this boat being the life dream of many potential cruising sailors.

Marli and Luis are living aboard for more then three years by now.

We Will keep reporting the Voyage of the Green Nomad until they settle down somewhere closer to the Office in Australia, since they will never give up theyr gipsy way of being and intend to keep working on-line from board, as they are doing since they set shop aboard Green Nomad. You can also follow their voyage and know about their other adventures entering their blog with link from our home page, top left corner.

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