Pop Alu 28

Drawing # Scale Description
Lines Plan
1 1:10 Hull geometry, side view, plan view, body plan & table of offsets.
Sail Plan 2 1:20 Full spars specifications, standing rigging and sail specifications.
Arrangement Plan 3 Várias Internal layout in profile cut and plan view.
Deck Plan 4 1:20 Deck hardware, hatches and deck layout.
Structural Plan 5 1:20 Constructive plan for hull and deck, definitions of plating, scantlings, bulkheads.
Interior Transversal Sections 6A 1:10 Sectional cuts showing furniture details and basic installations.
Transversal Structure 6B e 6C 1:10 Plans showing each structural section in detail.
Bulb Keels 7A 1:10 Bulb keels positioning and dimensions.
Keel Construction 7B varies Keel cosntructive plan.
Keel Details 7C 1:1  
Steering system-construction 8A varies

Steering system positioning and assembly.

Steering syste 8B varies Steering system components and rudder construction.
Steering system-details 8C e 8D 1:1 Details for machining steering system components.
Chainplates & Bow rollers 9 Várias Details for chainplates, bow rollers.
Building Jig 10 1:20 Building Jig Details.

CNC Plans Structure

CNC cutting files layout

CNC-1 N/A Graphic list of CNC cutting files for the aluminum hull, deck, structure and keels.
CNC Kit assembly plan CNC-2 N/A Assembly perspectives for the CNC cutting kit.
CNC Kit Layout and Assemby -Appendages CNC-3 N/A Graphic List and Assembly perspectives for the appendages CNC cutting kit.

CNC Plans Interior

CNC cutting files layout-joinery CNC-INT N/A Graphic list of CNC cutting files for interior joinery plywood sheets.