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Multichine 31





16.2 m

4.5 m

14.58 m

4.65 m









10,90 m

11,45 m

3,65 m

21,78 m2


4,5 oz

11,15 m

10,65 m

5,16 m

27,59 m2


6,5 oz

11,15 m

9,65 m

4,12 m

19,85 m2

Storm jib

8.0 oz

6,34 m


3,37 m

7,72 m2

The MC31 is a boat with mast rigging and sail plan designed for high performance cruising, or club racing at most. As in this type of rigging with the spreaders swept backwards it is desirable that the mast is as straight as possible, or if any fore and aft bending is wished, this bending requiring to be of modest arrow, it is important for the mainsail to be relatively flat in its luff, since there will be little adjustment to be accomplished to flatten the sail by means of mast bending. In the long run this feature is what really counts for most cruising sailors, since the reality of long distance sailing isn’t one of frequent adjustments in trim and sail shape. However, for those who prefer to keep the highest sailing standards, some mast bending is possible to be obtained by tightening the backstay.

The Multichine 31 Santa Clara is an amateur construction as most boats of the class are.


But the MC 31 is far from being an indifferent sailboat to be driven by kin sailors. Even though the overlapping, moderate-sized, foresail is a good compromise in performance and sail handling, on the other hand the mainsail of large proportions, compatible with those found in racing boats, ensures that sensation of power so much praised by those who really enjoy the sport of sailing.




The Multichine 31 optional version with a coach-roof of the pilot-house type has the same sail and rigging plan as the standard version, except for the mast length which is longer in this second version to allow for the difference on its base height. The boom, however, remains at the same height above cockpit sole in both versions

The Multichine 31 Kuara was the first boat of the class to be built according to the plans of the optional “pilot-house style” cabin trunk version.