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Multichine 31

The Multichine 31 is originally designed with a wedged cabin trunk having a long cockpit opened at the transom. Its stylish cabin is sort of trade mark of the plan, perfectly matching with the boat’s wide beam. Wherever there is a Multichine 31 sailing in a nautical community, the boat is easily recognized from distance for its peculiar design.

The Multichine 31 original deck layout.
Rendered figure:

However we also designed another version of superstructure, this one with a fore flush deck and a short cabin trunk abaft the mast step. Even though most boats of the class are built according to the original plans, this second version has found supporters among our clients, especially by the part of those who wish a higher headroom, and also those who have preference for an all windowed cabin trunk.

Multichine 31 deck layout with flush foredeck and steering wheel.
Photo: Zilmar Franzen

Deck Hardware

1 Forestay chain-plate and anchor bow-roller
2 Pulpit
3 Chain locker
4 Fore deck cleats
5 Spinnaker Pole
6 Hatch 500mm x 500mm
7 stanchions (h =610mm)
8 Water Deck Fills
9 Shroud chain-plates
10 Mast step
11 Pad eyes for dinghy stowage on deck
12 Spinnaker Pole Halyard
13 Spinnaker Halyard
14 Fore Sails Halyard
15 1 Reefing Line
16 2 Reefing Line
17 Organizers
18 Mainsail traveller track
19 Genoa sheet track and car
20 Stoppers
21 Fore sail Halliards and Reefing Lines Winch (N 40)
22 Mainsail sheet, Spinnaker Pole Downhaul and Spinnaker Pole Halyard Winch (N16)
23 Main hatch
24 Genoa sheet winches (N 40)
25 Spinnaker Sheet Turning block
26 Stern cleats
27 Push pit
28 Gas locker
29 Tiller
30 Mainsail sheet Block at Traveller car
31 Mainsail sheet Block at Boom
32 Mainsail sheet Block
33 Boarding Ladder
34 Diesel deck fills
35 Mast with fittings
36 Mast Halyard Outlets
37 Mast Halliards Winches
38 Mainsail Halyard Cleat
39 Boom With Reefing System
40 Mainsail Sheet
41 Kicking Strap
42 Backstay Chain-plates
43 Handrail
44 Windlass