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Multichine 31

About the Multichine 31 Kuará

Last December was the MC31 Kuara's turn to be launched. This time the artist who built her was not an amateur, but the renowned boat builder Zilmar Franzen, from Franzen Yachts, established in Curitiba, State of Parana, South Brazil. Her owner, the engineer Thadeu Eduardo Miranda Santos, had visited our Multichine 28 Fiu during the 2006 Rio de Janeiro Boat Show, when he became enchanted with the all windowed style of the MC28 cabin and her flush and clean fore deck, but found the twenty-eight foot yacht a bit tight for his requirements.

The tea pot was being served on Fiu's table when Thadeu and his wife Sueli arrived aboard, and the proverbial cake Eileen used to offer our guests on those occasions was exhaling that nice smell typical of a just baked recipe. They were new acquaintances to us; however that evening was so agreeable that we kept chatting until late hours. Thadeu accepted our advice to upgrade the boat to our next design in length, the MC31. There was none of these boats in the marina then, so he couldn't estimate how much larger the model suggested was compared to ours. That evening we agreed that our office would make the required alteration of substituting the MC31 original wedged cabin trunk for one much in the same style as the MC28, with windows all around its walls. The second important topic of our conversation that evening was who we recommended for the construction. We had been very impressed by the high standard of quality of the Franzen brothers, from Curitiba. They had built already a few other boats from our design, all of them superbly well finished. Since our clients were one hundred per cent pleased with their option, it wasn't necessary much thinking to give this indication, more yet considering that our guest resided in the same state of the federation. With the plans and the alteration in hand, Thadeu went to Franzen boatyard, signing the deal for the construction.

We were regularly receiving news from this MC31 as the work progressed, especially because Thadeu created a site, , to report the building, step by step, during the length of the construction. The twenty-fourth of December we received this e-mail from Zilmar:

 It is with great plesure that we communicate the launching of The MC3' Kuara. We are very pleased with the behavior of th eboat,  She is incredibly stable, very fast and her rudder is extremely responsive and very light. The windowed cabin is being praised by everyone who visits the boat.Kuará is stealing the show wherever she is sailing and is receiving compliments for her design and performance.
We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year with lots of peace and happiness
Best regards
Zilmar Franzen and family..

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About the Multichine 31

The Multichine 31 is a design that should deserve a special recognition among our line of stock plans. Intended for amateur construction, this cruising sailboat is unique in elegance of her lines and comfort of her interior layout.

This recognition took a little longer to happen than we expected, probably because the first boats of the class which constructions were concluded, their owners were in no hurry to complete their work, preferring to dedicate their time in improving the standard of quality of the many details of their workmanship. But now that some of these boats are already sailing in different nautical centres, the merits of the project are becoming evident.

Our builders, whose special cares are mentioned above, are very proud of their accomplishments and some of them are willing to share their experiences with other amateurs. Two of them published home pages with links to our web-site. The latest addition is: The Multichine 31 referred in this site is being built by the retired navy officer Álvaro Pereira Guimarães. He is constructing his yacht in an amateur building centre located at the city of Rio de Janeiro, practically unassisted. His work, for a layman in joinery work is worth a high commend for its level of finishing. Taga, as his boat will be called, will become a reference in craftsmanship among amateurs, we believe. The captions shown below are witness of this perfectionism.

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Another very well built Multichine 31 is Santa Clara. Tom Murray, her owner, a first time amateur builder, launched her a few months ago. Santa Clara is producing a very favorable impression among sailors in the marina where she stays, and the unanimous opinion is that Tom accomplished a first class job. He built his boat in his home garden located on the beautiful hills close to the city of Rio de Janeiro, surrounded by the Atlantic Rain Forest. With such gorgeous landscape, and that wonderful swimming pool a step aside the building grid, we wonder how he got the necessary willing force to work so well.

The MC31 class has many boats under construction in different countries and the latest acquisition of the plans was from a couple in Sweden who intend to start its construction straightaway. We are willing to promote the MC31 to the level it deserves, and we will keep informing about the latest news of the class regularly.

Aloha, the other boat shown on the photos below is a MC31 built by another amateur at Porto Alegre, a city located one hundred fifty miles away from the sea in the Brazilian Pampas. On these photos she is sailing in the estuary of Guaiba River, which flows to a three hundred kilometers long fresh water lake connected to the sea.

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After reading this article, our friend Tom Murray sent us a gratefulness e-mail with a nice photo of Santa Clara under sail outside the Rio de Janeiro Bay. His boat looks so large that it is difficult to realize she is thirty-one foot L.O.A. only:

Dear friends.
I was very pleased reading your report citing my MC31 Santa Clara, and also a bit embarrassed for not communicating about her launching. I am absolutely happy with her performance, the boat is simply marvelous. She sails beautifully, is extremely well balanced, you may leave the tiller and she keeps sailing in the same course. She is a joy to sail and easy to handle in any wind condition. She is also very fast, besides the fact of transmitting a feeling of comfort and confidence. In short, she has all the virtues you advertised about the plans. I have only to thank you for designing other people's dreams and to give after sales assistance whenever required.
Best regards
Tom Murray


A very well-finished MC31

Sometimes we design a new boat, and after inspecting the lines and general layout when the work is finished, we consider that we made a nice job. Then the plans begin a long career until its virtues are or are not confirmed. Only when the first boat is completed, other yachties start a rating process, which from then on will constantly be re-evaluated. It happens that sometimes it takes a few years until a really well built yacht from that design is launched, and then the fame of the class jumps forwards.

This was exactly what happened with the MC31 Tom Murray built in the backyard of his residence. He took a few years building his boat practically unnoticed, and one day he called us to see his work concluded. We became quite impressed with the fine details of his construction and now we want to show you the captions he just sent us on line.

As this is one of our most international classes, we guess that seeing these photos will contribute as an incentive to other builders.
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Multichine 31 new cabin trunk

The Multichine 31 design is praised for its elegant wedged cabin trunk with its inclined sidewalls. Most boats of the class were built following this trunk design and owners are proud about their yachts aesthetics. However there are a number of supporters of our smaller plan, the Multichine 28, which is provided with flush foredeck and smaller cabin trunk abaft the mast step. Many potential clients wished to build the MC31, but wouldn’t be happy if an all windowed version of the plan, similar to that of the MC28, wasn’t available. So we decided to design this new version of cabin trunk for the Multichine 31, this way pleasing yachtsmen who favour one or other school of design.

Perfect day for a test-drive. Photo: Zilmar Franzen

Amazingly we are discovering that this second option has a larger number of supporters than we suspected, and presently the demand for both styles is in a tie. This is wonderful for the class, since their behaviour under sail are identical, and their looks are equally handsome.

MC 31 Kuará sailing close-hauled using an overlapping genoa. Photo Zilmar Franzen

The first boat to be concluded using the new cabin style was Kuará, from Paranaguá, State of Parana, Brazil. Other yachts with the new cabin trunk are being constructed in various places, most of them by home-builders, but in April 2010 there is no other MC31 with pilot-house cabin trunk completed yet.

It is very gratifying for us from B & G Yacht Design when the first unit of a new product is so well made. Kuara’s high standard of craftsmanship is another positive point for the class too.

Navigation and radio station. Photo Zilmar Franzen

Kuará is so charming that even we are straddling the fence, and presently we don’t know any more which our preference is.

First day-out celebration. It is always a great sensation to inaugurate a new design. Photo: Zilmar Franzen

Kuará was built by Franzen boatyard, for the metallurgic engineer Thadeu Miranda Santos, and that was a happy commitment, since our client is so pleased with his boat that he made a site to report his accomplishments. (See in our links Multichine 31 Kuará) 

Kuará is a nice boat indeed. Besides being superbly well built, she is decorated with vivid colours, the type of looks that bring a good omen to any boat. Besides she sails wonderfully and the boat is a star in her marina.

We must admit that the interior comfort was enhanced somehow, since headroom under the coach-roof was increased. There is no need of larger headroom in the fore cabin since there is only a double berth in that space. Otherwise the internal layout is the same in both versions and we are convinced there is no need for changes, so spacious the interior of this thirty-one footer is. Let’s face it; actually it is not necessary to have a bigger boat than the MC31 to bring the dream to reality, especially if taking into account that the boat in question is category A according to the EU rules for mono-hull sailboats, being as capable as the best boats of going anywhere.

The first gourmet meal prepared aboard deserved being toasted with enthusiasm. Photo: Zilmar Franzen

Thadeu built his boat to be definitive, supplying her with top of the line equipment and choosing a renowned builder to construct her. The result is unquestionably awesome.