Curruira 33

The Curruira 33 is specified for strip-plank construction, a building process that consists in laying longitudinal strips over a laminated wooden structure (laminated frames, laminated keel and stem), bonding the strips to the structure and one to each other. This building process, which is within the scope of the amateur builder, produces very strong and durable hulls that require very little maintenance, basically only cleaning, to be kept in perfect order. We adopted the process in our projects a long time ago, and the firts boats build this way by our clients, after many decades of intensive usage, the boats seem to be as in good state as when they were built. It is the epoxy resin the responsible for such good results.

The combination of the properties of wood together with those of epoxy resin opened the possibility to build boats of the highest quality while allowing access of construction to a much larger number of persons, including amateurs. Besides being used in bonding the construction components, it also serves to saturate the wood surface internally and to wet the fiberglass specified to encapsulate the whole boat.

Strip-planking is a building method that produces sound boats with immense longevity. The system is within the reach of the amateur builder, and the round bilges generated by the process are reason of pride for any builder. Photo; Flab Boatyards.