Pop Star 21

The first Pop Star 21 built up to now had her maiden sailing in Argentina. Her owner sent us a short video about the event, which we are reproducing below. The images were taken from the deck of the boat and it isn`t possible to see many details, however for the happy expressions on the crew`s faces, the sailing was a success.

This boat is the first of a series that will be built by the same owner. The flotilla will be one of the main summer attractions of a resort in the Cordoba region and will sail in an astonishing looking lake surrounded by mountains.

Pop Star 21 Nicolas. Floating and almost ready to sail.

Although this series will be produced in a semi-professional way, the design was developed to be easy to be understood and built by amateurs with minimum infrastructure and skills.

Construction of the Pop Star 21 “Nicholas”.

The construction of other two Pop Star 21 will start soon in different places by their owners, both being amateur builders, one of them in the UK and the other in Australia. Our English client opted to fabricate a scaled model of the PS21 first, following exactly the same process specified for building the real boat. The scale model is already finished and the simplicity of the fabrication process and the knowledge achieved brought a feeling of confidence to our client that he is capable of building the actual Pop Star 21.

The scaled model made just for learning the tricks for the fabrication of the Pop Star 21

The third Pop Star 21 will be built in Australia. This person followed a different path from our British client, who preferred to gain knowledge and confidence to build his boat. He is from Queensland, but he attended an aluminium construction course at Plate Alloy, a company established in Melbourne, which also provides CNC kits of our designs for aluminium construction. The CNC kits reduce considerably the man-hours required for the task and increase the precision and final quality of the construction.

Files for CNC cutting.

The Pop Star 21 is a trailerable day-sailer that can be kept at home and be transported to wherever his owner wants to take her, so to skip the cost of marinas or yacht clubs, and be launched in any place having a minimum of infrastructure for the trailer`s access.

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