Brasileirinho - An offshore rowing boat

We have a wide variety of stock plans belonging to different segments of nautical interest, either for sportive leisure, or for commercial purposes. We are more easily identified with our line of offshore cruising sailboats, or with our collection of recreational motor yachts. However up to now, concerning offshore rowing boat designs, we only made one project of this type, this design being named Brasileirinho (means little Brazilian in Portuguese, and is also a Brazilian folk music catching tune). Notwithstanding we are absolutely anonymous on this field of yacht design, or almost!...

Brasileirinho when she belonged to Gerson Canton, the first client who ordered us the project. He intended to row from Portugal to Brazil on her, but for personal reasons had to give up his plan and sold the boat to the American rower Victor Mooney. Photo: Gerson Canton.

The story we are going to tell in this article is that of the only Brasileirinho we have absolute confidence that it was built, which was baptised exactly with this name. More plans were sold for clients from different countries, but we received no feedback from them informing how things were developing. However, Gerson Canton, the Brazilian client who ordered us the plans, went to Flab Boatyard, from Campinas, State of São Paulo, Brazil, one of the most renowned custom boat builders in that country, for the construction of his boat, to be made following the plywood/epoxy building method.

The boat, even though being initially baptised with the name "Brasileirinho", as a caterpillar which became butterfly, now is called "Spitit of Malabo". Presently it belongs to the American adventurer Victor Mooney, an offshore rower, who already essayed doing the feat of crossing the North Atlantic in another offshore rowing boat, notwithstanding to no avail, since he had to be rescued at sea before reaching his destination. However this time he managed to cross the pond, rowing from the Canary Islands to the Caribbean.

Victor was attacked by pirates when crossing the north shores of Haiti, being looted of all his valuable belongings. This mishap obliged him to land on a local beach for the necessary refurnishing. Photo: Victor Mooney.

In July 2015 Victor was still rowing northwards along the Intracoastal Waterway, his itinerary, in a route he called Goree Challenge.

He endured a series of incidents, as when the hull`s under-body was bitten by a shark, fortunately for him without puncturing the hull sheathing, even though if that had happened, it wouldn`t represent a real danger, since where it was damaged was where the water ballast tanks are located, so no real risk of flooding of the interior would be possible. After that frightening experience he had to endure another terrifying probation, when being robbed by pirates along the Haitiand territorial waters, what obliged him to land on a beach on the north coast of that country. As soon the boat had been refitted he resumed the trip until reaching Florida, and from there on followed the Intracoastal Waterway, bound for New York City, his final destination.

Victor is a charming and good natured adventurer and for that reason he is conquering friends and supporters wherever he calls. At each marina along the way he received all sorts of assistance from locals. His boat, which was quite stripped when he started his journey, is getting better equipped at each new stopover, and at the present stage of the voyage "Spirit of Malabo" is resembling the Ferrari of the rowing boats. leaving the expectation that when arriving in New York he will be escorted by golden dolphins led by a mermaid.

Spirit of Malabo advancing towards her destination along the Intracoastal Waterway, now extremely well equipped, even though for the reduction of freeboard, we guess the displacement must have at least doubled. Photo: Victor Mooney.

DFrom our part we must toast Victor for his accomplishment of successfully crossing the Atlantic Ocean with the Brasileirinho "Spirit of Malabo". Now we don`t feel ill at ease anymore when saying that we have designed an offshore rowing boat stock plan.

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