Pantanal 25 class July 2015 news

Paul Greblo owns a wine growing farm in Bendigo, Victoria, Australia. He is building a Pantanal 25 camping sailboat at his workshop in his spare time. He intends to sail with this boat from the main continent to Tasmania, what is quite a feat for a twenty-five foot camping sailboat. This video gives a good idea on how beautiful his farm is.

The Pantanal 25 drop-keel trailerable sailboat sounds like country music in the ears of our builders. When anyone who owns a boat of this class is fed up of the hustle and bustle of the big city, he can just clutch the boat trailer into the rear bumper of the car and get away from it all, driving to that remote lake in the middle of nowhere, or, who knows, to that lovely creek inaccessible to fixed keel cruising sailboats, and enjoy life as only those who own a drop-keel camping sailboat can do.

Pantanal 25 Dark Ice, the boat that helped to establish the prestige of the class, when winning the Sao Paulo Offshore Sailboat Championship for two years in a row. Courtesy: Jorge Intaschi.

No matter where you go there are so many trailerable cabin-cruisers in the water that it is difficult to point out what is more desirable in the design of any specific model. In our case our bet was in the capacity of hosting a family for a holiday providing approximately the same comfort as a motor-home. For that matter we favoured a slightly higher freeboard than usual, besides adding a cabin trunk to improve headroom where it is most needed, the saloon area of the interior. This generous freeboard brought an extra benefit to the project; the possibility of installing an aft cabin under the cockpit area fitted with a double berth. This recipe worked beautifully. Our builders are happy with the comfort their boats provide, while being surprised with the Pantanal 25 good performance under sail. As a reward for our work we are seeing new Pantanal 25 sailboats regularly being launched in the most varied places.

This Pantanal 25 was built in Santiago, Chile, by Maik Biela, and now is ready to be launched. Chile is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, and we can imagine how exciting it will be to follow the adventures of this new member of the class. Courtesy: Maik Biela.

Two new Pantanal 25 trailerable sailboats are getting ready to be inaugurated. One of them was built in Santiago, Chile, by the German yachtsman Maik Biela. We already cited in an earlier article the irreproachable service accomplished by Maik. Now the boat is there for anyone to see. The next article about her is going to be published when the boat is launched.

The other boat which is missing very little to be completed is the one being built by the wine grower Paul Greblo in Victoria, Australia. Since we are almost neighbours (just three hours flight away:), we are intending to visit the boat as soon as we learn that she has been launched, and then publish a top story about the event. Australia is the country of the trailer-sailers, and a Pantanal 25 being sailing in Port Phillips Bay will be a feat for the class. Paul intends to sail to Tasmania with her, and for that matter asked us to assist him in beefing-up a little his boat`s rig, what we did with great pleasure, even though the boat is intended for sailing in coastal waters. However for the data we already posses about the project, the boat is as solid as a rock, the only characteristic that keeps it as an inshore sailboat being the rig, since having to hoist it at each launching requires a light spar to do that with the least effort possible.

Paul assembling the moulds over the building grid. We were glad to see that he didn`t find difficulties in following the instructions contained in the building manual. The moulds are supplied in full scale sheets or CNC file. Courtesy: Paul Greblo.

The Pantanal 25, being specified for strip-plank foam sandwich construction, is within the reach of the amateur builder to construct it without requiring investing in expensive plugs to make it. Nevertheless, at least three of our clients built female moulds to produce the model industrially, and this is being a good contribution for the expansion of the class. Presently there are dozens of Pantanal 25 sailing in different countries, and soon Australia and Chile will be included in that list.

Paul`s boat is in a much advanced state of construction than this photo suggests. We are asking him to send us a new set of pictures showing how the boat is looking like. Courtesy: Paul Greblo

Since it is in our plans to spend a holiday in Tasmania next summer, it will be in our schedule to include a visit to Paul in this occasion. If Chile wasn`t so far away from Perth we would love to do the same with Maik`s boat, but in that case we will need to wait for another vacation. However the temptation to do so is real.

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