Multichine 28 - Yeah for Bella

It was the first time in the history of the office that one of our builders made a poem for the boat built with his own hands. The builder is Dave Dawn Cross, who lives in Tacoma, State of Washington, one of the most beautiful regions of the United States. The words are

Yeah for Bella

Bella the beautiful
Bella the brave
I see you smiling at each passing wave...

Wood gives you life

and wind lifts your soul

Bella the beautiful
Bella the brave

Poem by Dave Cross

The story of Bella is a beautiful one. Dave built his boat practically by himself, having the assistance of friends only in those special occasions, when people want to show their recognition for the work accomplished, as when turning the hull over and when the boat is launched. He brimmed over competence as a shipwright and also proved to have a good feeling for yacht design, since he asked us a custom sail plan and a fin keel to suit the larger sail area, so to be more competitive in his sailing ground. The resulting yacht is surpassing any expectations. Besides being the already renowned sailboat for family leisure, which is a trade mark of the MC28 project, Bella is consistently winning races in her class and surprising his competitors for not only winning in her class but also placing very well in real time, sailing faster than many other much larger boats. So it is possible to understand his feelings when he writes - Wood gives you life, and winds lift your soul.

Bella is conceived especially to perform well in the Puget Sound prevailing conditions. Courtesy: Dave Dawn Cross

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