Pop 25 - New boats are coming

The Pop 25 class is showing a new pace of growth. It is steadily increasing the number of boats that are being launched. The most recent one is Rancho Alegre. She was built by the amateur Francisco Aydos, in Porto Alegre, Southern Brazil, and now is docked to a pier in Yacht Club Veleiros do Sul, ready to go sailing.

Pop 25 Rancho Alegre ready to go sailing. Her builder, Francisco Aydos, must be proud of his accomplishment. It`s hard to believe it is an amateur construction. Courtesy: Francisco Aydos

Our effort to design a 25 foot sailboat intended for offshore sailing is becoming a success. None of our other designs rivals in number of boats being built in such short time. The good news is knowing that our builders are advancing in their constructions without finding difficulties. Perhaps the reason for that resides in the more than two hundred pages, fully illustrated, building manual we edited to assist our clients during the construction. The book covers the whole construction, step by step, boosting the confidence of the amateur builder. We rarely receive e-mails with question on how to build the boats.


In the wake of Rancho Alegre, the construction of another Pop 25 is progressing at a fast pace. This is being built in the State of Santa Catarina, Southern Brazil, by the brothers Marcelo and Vandeli Schurhaus. Konquest, as their builders of German origin named her, is being built with the typical precision and perfectionism common to people from that country. The Schurhaus brothers are intending to have their boat launched before the arrival in Itajai, of the Volvo Ocean Race programmed stopover scheduled to happen in two months time.

Konquest, another Pop 25 which will soon be sailing. It is quite rewarding for us to see the commitment of our clients with their work. It is clear that the challenge gives them lots of pleasure. Courtesy: Marcelo Schurhaus.


A Pop 25 which became quite appealing is Hayal. This boat was built in Turkey by Celim Karahan with great care. Turkey is a country where amateurs build excellent boats. Besides having a strong tradition, bureaucratic issues are probably simpler than in some other countries, this being the explanation for this healthful trend.

Hayal is a Pop 25 built in Turkey by Celim Karahan. The level of finishing obtained by our client is good proof that amateur construction in Turkey is superb. Courtesy: Celim Karahan

The boat just abaft Hayal is Evrensel (means universe in Turquish). This yacht was the first MC26C to be launched in Turkey. Celin Karahan and Omer Kirkal, the owner of Evrensel, are friends, what makes we think that Omer being pleased with his boat might have been the decisive factor for Celim`s decision to choose a new project from our office, which at that time had no boat already launched.


Another boat progressing in large leaps is the Pop 25 being built in Itajaí, Santa Catarina by the amateur João Marcos Pereira. Itajai is a hub of amateur construction. João Marcos` boat is a good example of this. In a few months of hard work the hull is already turned upside and for the pace the work is progressing, we believe it will be sailing before the end of the year. Since there are several other Pop 25 being built in that state, soon it will be established the local Pop 25 class.

This Pop 25 is being built in a fast pace. Its builder, João Marcos Pereira, is a very dynamic and competent person. The first part of the work is outstanding. Courtesy: João Marcos Pereira

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