Samoa 28, an offshore sailboat for good or bad weather

The Samoa 28 is the cruising sailboat capable of passing through storms with less discomfort than most other sailboats of approximately the same size.

Samoa 28 Everest. This photo was taken from another Samoa 28, Furioso, belonging to the computer analyst and amateur builder Jorge Dias.

Samoa 28 Sirius, built in Argentina by the geologist and amateur builder Daniel D`Angelo.

It might look simple to design a twenty-eight foot cruising sailboat intended for offshore sailing and this boat being within the reach of the amateur to build it. However in practice this is not so. It is necessary a reasonable boat-building knowledge from the part of who is building, and it also depends on the competence of the yacht designer to pass simple to be understood information about the construction for a well-succeeded result. The best way to achieve this goal is, besides producing a well-detailed set of plans, by editing a comprehensive building manual, covering step by step every phase of the construction.

This was exactly what we did. We edited an illustrated construction manual which comes as part of the stock plan. This became a victorious initiative, since the number of clients that are managing to construct the boat is much above average among amateur builders. That the Samoa 28 project is resulting in a series of very well built boats, with clients satisfied with their choices is what we are going to expose next.

This is Baleia`s hull built by Ubiraci Pereira Jardim, from Macae, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The girl stepping in the scaffolding around he boat is my granddaughter Julinana, now one year older.

Samoa 28 Caprichoso (means perfectionist in Portuguese, now in its last stages of construction at FLAB Boatyard, from Campinas, State of São Paulo, Brazil. This boat will deserve the name she was christened, since it is becoming a work of art.

Visiting a IKEA store here in Perth, Western Australia, where we are established, we saw a booth representing a twenty-five square metres apartment, a popular option for small families nowadays. Seeing that stand we concluded that naval architects are far ahead of their civil counterparts in what concerns providing comfort in confined spaces. Compact cruising sailboats with half the space of a twenty-five square metres apartment is as suited for a family to live in as those new flats, which is glory for boat designers. The Samoa 28 is a good example of this. A couple, or a small family, can feel at home when installed in one of these boats for no matter how long they want to stay onboard. We still have no information of major overseas voyages with any one of them, but several owners already told us this is in their plans. We know, however, that without exception all our clients who are already sailing are happy with their boats.

Samoa 28 Terrius, belonging to Bernardo Sampaio, anchored in Uabatuba, State of Sao Paulo Brazil.

One of the most charming Samoas 28 is Terrius. belonging to Bernardo Sampaio, a home builder who had great fun in creating his dream boat. He, together with his wife, made the interior of his boat look like a home in a fairy tale book illustration.

Having guests for dinner in such a cosy saloon is the reward for the work of building the boat. This is Terrius saloon decorated for Christmas festivities.

It already happened at least once of a Samoa 28 meeting another one in some coveted haven that can only be shared by those who own leisure crafts. This encounter happened in December 2014 between the Samoa 28 Furioso (means furious in Portuguese) built by Jorge Dias, met Caprichoso, the boat shown in the first photo of this article.

Jorge Dias, Furioso`s owner, and Moacir Ribeiro, who built Everest, are good friends. This encounter was programmed some time ago, when the two boats were still under construction. This was a day to be remembered with joy by the two skippers.

Another appealing interior is that obtained by Jorge Dias in Furioso`s saloon. This was an amateur construction that became a benchmark in the lives of Jorge Dias and his family.

The Samoa 28 class is just beginning its career. Now that there are several boats of the class already sailing, with owners doing the marketing for us, just for the pleasure of telling what they feel about their boats, and especially when the long distance offshore cruising adventures will begin to happen, then new candidates from the most different nautical centres will learn about the project and more boats will be built.

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