Pantanal 25, a camping cruising sailboat for the family

Being passionate enthusiasts for cruising under sail and loving camping in family, we from B&G Yacht Design felt that we had almost an obligation in developing a trailerable sailboat project capable of proportioning lots of fun. The Pantanal 25 stock plan, a project we designed some years ago, was the response to those wishes: a twenty-five foot sailboat capable of being taken in tow by a medium-sized car, with enough facilities and adequate room for a small family to spend holidays onboard in comfort.

The Pantanal 25 is our concept of a camping sailboat. She is light enough to be taken on tow by a mid-sized car, while suited for a family to live aboard in holidays, and, above all, be fun to be sailed.

Being intended either for professional construction, or for home building, no sooner the project was introduced it was promptly accepted by the market. Now there are many Pantanal 25 being built, or already sailing, and our clients` satisfaction with the design`s performance is practically unanimous.

Launching a Pantanal 25 in a slipway is no problem. Being sandwich constructed, and therefore very light, the boat is thought for being easy to operate.

The boat was designed to be a trailerable coastal-sailer with the simplest rig we could devise to allow standing the mast up or lowering it with minimum effort.

Now that the class name is established and we made good friendships among the builders, it is a pleasure to report some of our clients` achievements. We are still missing receiving a video, or at least a report, of a major cruising adventure sent by some of our builders. However this will happen pretty soon. There are several Pantanal 25 owners with serious plans in their minds.

Walking along the margins of the Swan River here in Perth, we have been watching other trailerable weekend-sailers being launched in the public slipway. Just looking, we learned that the Pantanal 25 is lighter than the ones we have seen, and that our design`s mast is lighter too, and for that matter easier to be lifted.

The bulbous drop-keel is deep for optimum efficiency. On the other hand the bulb isn`t too heavy, what only brings advantages, so as keeping displacement low and being easier to be lifted.


The first client to order the plans was Robert Boyd, from New South Wales. After receiving the plans he sent us a very kind e-mail, which we reproduce here:

"Hi, Just a quick note to let you know that plans were received today. I have only had a brief look at the drawings, I am already very impressed. I can see the value of many years of experience on these drawing sheets. I commend you and your team of architects and draftsmen on a highly professional presentation.

Robert Boyd
New Lambton. N.S.W, Australia


Our second client, Jorge Intaschi, built his Pantanal 25 "Dark Ice" strictly according to the project`s specifications. His boat, in spite of being designed for coastal or protected waters, became champion of the offshore racers of the State of São Paulo, Brazil, this happening for two consecutive years (you can learn about this and other stories about the class reading the articles in the link - club - in the Pantanal 25 home-page). Now there are Pantanal 25 sailing in several countries and the number of new builders keeps constantly increasing.

The Pantanal 25 Dark Ice interior is well suited for a family to spend holidays on board. Since the builder followed the plans practically without alterations, he gave us the opportunity to confirm the adequacy of the internal layout. Courtesy: Jorge Intaschi

Toasting a victory in the many races Dark Ice participated and won during the São Paulo State Offshore Championship, this happening for two consecutive years. The one in close is Jorge Intaschi, the builder and owner of Dark Ice

Jorge, a computer scientist by trade, got so bewitched by the Pantanal 25 that decided to build moulds to produce the boat commercially. He made fantastic tooling to produce in series and now is looking for capital to be able to run the business.

Jorge Intaschi made a pilot plant to produce Pantanal 25 commercially. He made excellent moulds and built a small series of boats which are already sailing. Courtesy: Jorge Intaschi


Perhaps the second boat of the class to be launched was Zirrdelli, built in Turkey by Bahatin Bedir. The standard of finishing of this Pantanal 25 is simply superb.

Zirrdely is one of the most beautiful Pantanal 25 built to date. Its quality of construction is second to none in the class. Bahatin Bedir, her builder, did not want a retractable keel, preferring a fixed fin instead, what transmitted the impression of the boat being beamier than she really is.


Then the class began to expand its horizons. Here and there new Pantanal 25 boats were being launched, or started to be built. One of them was Vega, a Pantanal 25 built by the geologist Daniel D`Angelo in City Bell, Argentina, during his time off the oil rigs where he works. Vega is already sailing and had won its share of races in the local sailing fleet.

The glorious day when Vega was launched! That must have been quite an achievement for Daniel D`Angelo. The boat was built inside his barbecue shed next to the swimming pool in his home`s lawn. Since the shed`s lenght wasn`t long enough for building the whole boat, he built it in two halves and joined them later with extra layers of laminate. Amazing!


Another aficionado who is building a Pantanal 25 in his spare time is Maik Biela, a German who lives in Santiago, Chile. He is finishing the work, and as is usual with people from his country of birth, he is a perfectionist. His boat will be candidate to the title of Miss Pantanal 25!

Maik Biela and his masterpiece, the hull of the Pantanal 25 he had just finished to build. Now the boat must be ready to go to the water. We would love to go to Valparaiso and have the chance to look at this Pantanal 25!

Smooth finishing like this I don`t remember having ever seen. Maik Biela is undoubtedly a perfectionist.


Carlos Zanella Fichner is a well-succeeded civil architect who praises the good things in life. He worked in the project of a luxurious condominium on the rim of Guaiba River, Porto Alegre, Brazil, where he owns one of the properties. The boat is kept stationed on his private pier, and he made a cockpit table where he entertains friends in Sundays`s barbecues. Now he is going to take Kalahari to Angra do Reis, a lush and green paradise not too distant from Rio de Janeiro, taking advantage of the boat being trailerable.

Kalahari is a Pantanal 25 built in Porto Alegre, Southern Brazil, by the civil architect Carlos Zanella Fichner. One of the nice points of amateur building is the fact that the boat can be personalized up to a certain point.


One of the most recent builders of Pantanal 25 is the wine producer from the State of Victoria, Paul Greblo. In spite of the boat having been designed for coastal sailing, Paul intends to sail in the Bass Straight, a place notoriously renowned for its bad weather, having programmed a trip to Hobart, Tasmania.

Paul Greblo is building a Pantanal 25 inside a shed in his vineyard, in the State of Victoria. We are glad to see for the building moulds he made, that the building manual which comes with the plans is assisting him well. Courtesy: Paul Greblo

Paul is finding the way of doing the work with no worries. He must be loving the challenge, otherwise he wouldn`t have managed to do such a good planking job. Courtesy: Paul Greblo.

One of the reasons for the class being so well succeeded may reside in the fact that the plans are provided with a complete and simple to be followed building manual. It is very seldom that we receive e-mails from clients with any sort of doubts. We are glad that this is so. We wrote the building manual as if we were building a Pantanal 25, and this virtual effort brought good results. Our builders standard of construction is very high. Whenever a building manual gives a clear explanation on how to do a job, when the builder understands the explanation, that detail will be done properly, this being like having a supervisor in the workshop, and this is what the amateur wants.

This is the latest photo Paul sent us. The fibreglass outside sheathing has already been applied. The next procedure is turning the boat upside and doing the same job internally. Courtesy: Paul Greblo


We have already enough data to prove that the Pantanal 25 is immensely strong and seaworthy. What is not so over-dimensioned is the rigging, since being a boat intended to be trailer towable, a light spar is advantageous when you have to stand it up after putting the boat on the water.

The Pantanal 25 with its light spar and drop-keel is rigged to be easy to raise up and lower down the mast.

We learned that the Pantanal 25 is tough as a rock from reports from our builders. One of them endured a front collision with another boat in a race. The other craft had serious problems, including the separation of hull from deck, while the Pantanal 25 suffered scratches only. This might be the reason for some of our clients not respecting strictly our recommendations about the boat being adequate for sailing in protected or coastal waters. However the best virtue of the boat is that it can go long distances carried on a trailer.

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