Pop Alu 32 Samsara II about to be shipped home

We just received new photos of the first Pop Alu 32 to receive a name, the Samsara II.

Samsara II was built by Ilha Sul Construções Náuticas boatyard, from Porto Alegre, Southern Brazil, for our client Ronei Schwindt, from Santa Catarina State.

Ilha Sul made all the metal work, installed the engine and basic systems and all hatches, and the boat will be shipped by truck to her new home.

Ronei will fabricate the interior himself, using the free CNC files supplied in order to make possible the automated cut of all interior furniture.

The Pop Alu 32 can stand on the twin keels while on a yard or when drying on a tide, and this makes maintenance much easier. This is how the boat is now standing in the yard awaiting shipment.

He also plans to use lightweight materials in order to take advantage of the speed potential of this design. A good combination is to have a boat with a good speed prospect from its lines while at the same time being extremely robust, with its 8mm hull and topsides plating. When boats of similar conception but lighter build have to ease off to avoid damage the Pop Alu 32 will be on its element.

At first Samsara II will be used around the Florianópolis area of Brazil, with some trips to Angra dos Reis. Later Ronei wants to go farther and explore some of the big Brazilian rivers. The low draft and possibility to dry out in a comfortable position with the tides will make this an excellent boat for the project.

We hope to see Samsara II sailing very soon!

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