Think Differently, Travelling "With" Your Boat

"Picture yourself, in a boat on a river…"

Just imagine taking your boat to a different cruising ground in a Saturday morning and in the afternoon be sailing in a place two hundred or more kilometres away, dropping the anchor in a nice haven to stay the night, to wake up in no hurry on the next day, have another sailing time, or just jump in the water for a swim around the boat and at night be back to your place. With the Pantanal 25 it is possible.

Pace of life seems to be getting busier every new day. It is becoming common to meet cruising sailors that are gaving up spending more time on board their boats, or postponing the plans to discover new places to sail, for not being able to get rid of the rat race. There is an alternative for those people: travel WITH your boat! The Pantanal 25 camping sailboat may be the right answer for this challenge.

The Pantanal 25 can be trailered to different places by a medium size car.

The Pantanal 25 was designed to be a trailerable sailboat that could be trailered by a mid-sized car. The keel and rudder are retractable to reduce draught to get closer to shore. The mast pivots in its base and can be easily disassembled by one person alone. It also can be stored in two mast-gallows above the deck. The boat is so versatile that it can be launched in any locality where there is a boat ramp, being it the sea, a lake, or a river.

It is also possible for the Pantanal 25 to sail in shallow waters with raised keel and rudder, propelled by an outboard motor fixed to a transom bracket. The pivoting mast allows the boat to pass under bridges. These are important features praised by anyone interested in navigating inshore, instead of being restricted to the coast.

Having in mind amateur construction, we chose a construction method within the reach of the inexperienced home builder. The boat’s displacement is the lightest possible to enhance performance and to be easily trailerable. We chose sandwich construction with strips of PVC foam between two layers of fibreglass laminate, a building method which doesn’t require expensive moulds and that one can build in a temporary shed in his backyard.

Pantanal 25 Vega was built under a temporary shed in the backyard of a house in Buenos Aires.

The strips of PVC foam are bonded together over a set of temporary transverse moulds that provide the shape of the hull, and then it is applied the outside fibreglass lamination. After sanding to remove any imperfection, the external surface is ready to receive the final couches of paint. Next the hull is turned over and the internal layer of fibreglass is laminated, completing the sandwich construction, resulting in a light and strong sailboat.

Pantanal 25 under construction in Australia. The temporary transverse moulds are aligned over a building grid to receive the PVC foam strips.

The permanent transverse bulkheads and the rest of the interior are installed inside the hull after the lamination. The deck construction follows a similar building method as the one employed for the hull, with transverse moulds to support the PVC foam. However, since the surfaces are not as curved as the hull, it is possible to use panels of PVC instead of strips to speed up fabrication.

The interior arrangement is cosy and functional. A double berth at the forward compartment joins with two settee berths in the saloon, omitting any partition that could jeopardize the feeling of amplitude inside the cabin. Abaft the two settees a heads compartment with door and a compact galley complete the saloon arrangement. A second double berth can be placed under the cockpit area providing full usage of space.

The interior is simple and comfortable. A double berth forwards, two seat berths in the saloon and a double berth under the cockpit make room for up six people for an overnight stay.

We dedicated a lot of attention to the cockpit design. It is long and wide to provide lots of room for the helmsman and crew to feel comfortable, and for eventual passengers that are only interested in enjoying the trip.

Pantanal 25 “ZIRRDELI” in Turkey. The cockpit is wide and long to provide lots of room for the helmsman and crew.

Above all these characteristics what makes sailors really happy with the Pantanal 25 is when performing under sail. The main has a squared top like many of the modern racing yachts and when reaching or running, an asymmetrical spinnaker of generous sail area will provide the extra power for exhilarating sailing. The bulbous keel has a low CG which when lowered to its maximum draught proportionates excellent pointing ability.

Pantanal 25 “DARK ICE” sailing in the South Atlantic.

If you have a backyard, or a large garage, it’s possible to keep the boat at home and skip the fixed cost of a marina. And so you will be truly able to wake up in the morning, choose your next destination, connect the trailer to the car and leave for a weekend sailing enjoying your boat as much as possible.

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