MC 26C Evrensel - Happy sailing in the Marmara Sea

Our client Ömer Kirkal is sharing a good time with his friends aboard Evrensel, the Multichine 26C he built in his home garden in Istanbul, Turkey. A fortnight ago we published an article telling how pleased he is for having built his boat, illustrating the note with two wonderful photos he sent us showing his boat sailing near the shore in a lovely day. Now he sent us a new demonstration that he is really enjoying his sailing toy. We also complimented him for the background music of the sound track being in tune with the wave pattern, a touch of art in the film edition. The absolute happiness of the six crewmembers at that moment, one of them occupying the companionway seat and the other five comfortably installed under the Bimini that covers the cockpit, also impressed us deeply.

After all this is what sailing is all about, isn’t it so? We published a note in Face Book showing this video, and, soon after, Rui Jorge, the owner of Xango, another MC 26C built in Rio de Janeiro, equally an amateur construction, commented that he was sailing bound for Ilha Grande with his family, a lush and green paradise sixty miles west of Rio, when a fierce forty knots storm caused by a cold front hit the boat mercilessly. He told that the MC 26C reached the speed of 9.8 knots with jib and reefed mainsail effortlessly, standing upright undisturbed by those harsh conditions.

Xango is a MC26C built in Rio de Janeiro by Rui Jorge, an amateur who had never built a boat before. The excellence of the construction surprises everyone who visits his boat.

It is now, with more boats of the class being completed, that the MC26 class is becoming better known. With such enthusiastic debut, we hope soon the plans will become one of our blockbusters.

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