Multichine 28 Bagual

The Saco da Ribeira Bay, in Ubatuba, northern shore of the State of São Paulo, Brazil, is an amateur construction hub of offshore cruising sailboats in the country. Being a region of rare beauty, where mountains covered in rain forest and seas of pristine waters touch each other, and being one of the most perfect cruising grounds to be found anywhere in the world, it is no surprise that so many cruising sailors choose this place to build the boats of their dreams.

The availability of locations where an offshore cruising sailboat can be built, and an adequate infrastructure to support the less experienced ones, resulted in a centre of amateur construction, perhaps unrivalled anywhere else in the country. This growth brought a group of skilled technicians to the area, giving support to the builders, which in part explains the excellence of the standards of most boats built there.

Our friend Claudio Bortolato is one of those experts, and it was him who reported the latest launchings of MC28 sailboats in the region. A few days ago he informed us about the launching of two new boats of the class: Fabio Fabris Fabris yellow painted Bagual and the exquisitely finished De Capitani.

First steps in the water. This is a great day in the life of an amateur builder. Courtesy: Claudio Bortolato

Mr. Telesmar Lira is the local rigger who installed Bagual’s mast. Courtesy: Claudio Bortolato

Mr. Lira finishing the installation of Bagual’s spars. Courtesy: Claudio Bortolato

We from B & G Yacht Design have reasons to be proud about this boom of amateur construction, since perhaps the majority of boats being built there by amateurs are from our office’s designs, the MC28 class being particularly successful among them. Only in the last few months three excellent MC28 were launched in Ubatuba: Marimbondo, Bagual and De Capitani. Together with some other older ones, the Saco da Ribeira is the place where there are more boats of the class sharing the same anchorage.

De Capitani is the latest MC28 to be launched. It is amazing the gloss of the topside paintwork. Courtesy: Claudio Bortolato

De Capitani is almost ready to start its cruising destiny. It will be great if Bagual and De Capitani go for a joint cruise together one of these days. Courtesy: Claudio Bortolato


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