Kiribati 36 featured in postal stamp issued by the Republic of Kiribati

Recently we were contacted by Mr. Hugh Bennet asking for permission to use the design name and images of our Kiribati 36 design in a postal stamp issued by the Republic of Kiribati.

The stamp was officially released on the 5th of October 2013.

Mr. Bennet asked us about our motivations in naming the design after the country, and we explained that the wonderful experiences we had when visiting the country aboard our first Green Nomad had left deep marks in our minds and hearts.

We spent nearly a year cruising the Gilbert Islands group of Kiribati, a country that comprises also another Island groups, the Line Islands and the Phoenix Islands.

The country is mostly constituted of coral atolls, with protected lagoons displaying the most beautiful imaginable colors.

Anchorage in Tarawa

The capital, Tarawa, has a population of around 20 thousand people and a busy traffic running on its only road, which follows the narrow coral strip around the atoll.

Public Market street in Tarawa

The taxis are small vans which have their sound systems at full blast always, and an unforgettable experience is to fly at 100 Kilometers per hour above the crystal-clear turquoise waters of the Pacific Ocean when crossing a bridge between two islands.

Kiribati Blues

But the really interesting experience was to share the day to day life with families we met in the outlying atolls like Abaiang, Abemama and Butaritari. There we experienced the true Kiribati way of life, and even had a small boy named after us, using our combined names to form Luimar.

A Kiribatese family, Butaritari Atoll

The people of Kiribati for the most part still live in the sustainable way learned from their forefathers, and to be able to share some time with them was a great learning opportunity.

Outrigger canoes and friends from Kuma village, Butaritari

Typical Kiribati house

This happy news about the stamp only came to reinforce our already steadfast will to sail back to those magical islands, this time on a boat which was built to the design that bears their name.

Kiribati 36 Green Nomad in Camamu, Brazil

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